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Serving both Grammy-winning clients and indie artists alike, Mirrortone is a recording studio and multi-service music production studio located in the heart of Manhattan, two blocks from Penn Station.


What We Do...

We are known as one of the premier recording studios in New York City. Our well furnished and great sounding live room has a full pearl drum kit with custom setups available, a Yamaha U1 upright piano, a wide range of guitar and bass amplifiers, and a full PA system. In addition to our live room, we also have a sound-proofed vocal booth. The vocal booth has a clear sight-line into the live room to allow for musicians to play live but in isolation. Our two control rooms also have windows into the live room, giving the whole recording studio a view into the action. All of our rooms are wired together to accommodate larger ensembles who may wish to record throughout the studio. We record in Pro Tools HD with a variety of digital gear and classic analog outboard gear. Please visit our Equipment List to learn more about what gear we use to record.


Our producer engineers have over 20 years of combined recording experience and have the highest level of proficiency in Pro Tools. In fact, some of our producers have worked directly for Avid as third-party software developers, helping make the plugins that all music engineers and producers rely on.


Perhaps one of the most sought out services from Mirrortone Studios is audio mixing. Using top-notch gear, years of know-how, and an intimate understanding of Pro Tools, we offer time-tested and industry approved broadcast quality mixes. If it wasn't enough to view our client list, our music has been used on Television, Radio, and Film, including MTV.


One of the most important, yet least understood, steps in the music production process is mastering. This involves assembling final mixes into the proper order, adjusting volume levels of each segment and using a variety of technical processes (EQ, compression, limiting, etc.) to polish the final mixes. When done professionally, mastering optimizes the sonic quality of the final track or album. Mirrortone has a track record or excellence in the subtle art of mastering. Whether it be piecing together that magnum opus of a record or putting the glitter on that hit-single, Mirrortone's music mastering is sure to take your final mix to that professional level you just can't seem to get.


You've written your masterpiece, now you need to make that composition come to life in a recording. Mirrortone can take your piece from sheet music or a lick on your guitar to the final mastered recording. Using the most qualified performers, studios, and engineers that fit your budget, you are sure to walk away with an industry standard, artistic recording. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional songwriter, composer, or full band, your recordings must speak for themselves. Don't settle for home recordings, or poorly mixed demos. Entrust your music to one of New York City's and the music industry's best kept secrets, and walk away with a professionally produced and mixed product.

The Recording Studio

The recording studio has a sweet-sounding live room, stocked with a complete Pearl and DW drum kit, Yamaha U1 Piano, Marshall Amps, Fender Amps, Peavey Amps, and a full PA system. Mirrortone's main control room is designed around a Protools 12 system, Trident Console, with an Apollo 16 interface to utilize the digital emulations of classic analog gear for realtime recording processing. In addition to the main system, Mirrortone Recording Studio houses select outboard gear for advanced mixing and recording applications. The right music producers plus the right recording equipment equals the best possible tracks.

A completely soundproof vocal booth ensures that every subtlety of the singer is captured and can be mixed appropriately. There are sightlines between the live room, control room, composition studio, and vocal booth so that full bands can perform and record live, yet in isolation. A fourth room houses a composition suite that doubles as a nap room for those long recording sessions. In larger band situations the additional composition suite can be dialed into the recording for another isolation room.

Mirrortone Studios Control Room

NYC Recording Studio Control Room

Rocking a vintage Trident 65 Recording Console, one of the best vintage boards you will find in a Manhattan recording studio, our control room is setup for comfortable mixing, recording, and producing.

Mirrortone Studios Live Room

NYC Recording Studio Live Room

Stocked with a Yamaha U1 piano, Pearl Studio Drum Kit, a top-notch mic locker, collection of premium amplifiers, our live room is large enough to record a 6 piece ensemble and intimate enough to cut vocals.

Live Room

NYC Recording Studio Live Room 2

We are not just engineers and producers, we are also musicians. When we are not recording other musicians we are playing and recording our own music. With a great collection of instruments we produce tracks for our artists as well as television, film, and commercials. Details

Rack Gear

NYC Recording Studio Rack Gear

Our studio is built around having the best of both worlds, analog and digital. If there is a plugin for that, we have it. But sometimes we like to get on the floor and turn some dials on our rack gear.

Trident 65 Recording Console

NYC Recording Studio Recording Console

Perhaps one of the main reasons people love our recordings is because we use some of the best preamps ever created, the Trident 65 rocks 32 of these vintage warm preamps.

Vocal Booth

NYC Recording Studio Vocal Booth

Our isolated vocal booth is custom finished with repurposed wood to get the warmest vocals we can. Unlike most studios, our iso booth is large enough for more than just one person, and there are site lines into all other rooms of the studio.

Piano and Drums

NYC Recording Studio Piano and Drums

Two of our favorite instruments to record in one picture. Come record on our Yamaha U1 piano, heralded as one of the best pop and jazz pianos ever created, and found on records by Cold Play, Alicia Keys, and Chick Corea. Our drum kit is a Pearl Studio edition with fresh heads, a DW snare, and an array of cymbal options.

Recording Equipment


Trident 65 Analog Console


Dynaudio BM5A MKII Monitor Pair
Wharfedale Valdus 200 Monitor Pair
JBL LSR 2300 Monitor Pair


Pro Tools
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Universal Audio 4-710D
Ableton Live 10 Suite
Sibelius 5,6,7,8
Saffire Pro 14
Saffire Pro 10


Neumann TLM 103
Shure KSM-141 Stereo Pair
AKG P170 Small Diaphragm Condenser Pair
Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Condenser Pair
Shure SM57 (10)
Shure SM58 (10)
Electro-Voice RE20
Electro-Voice RE320 Electro-Voice 635A
Green Bullet Harmonica Mic
Sterling Audio ST31 Shotgun Condenser
Superlux CM-H8A Large diaphragm condenser
Studio Projects B1 Condenser Microphone


UAD 1176
UAD API Vision Channel Strip
UAD Little Labs VOG
UAD Ampex ATR-102
UAD Precision Maximizer
UAD Helios 69 EQ
UAD Roland RE-201 Space Echo
UAD EMT 140 Plate Reverb
UAD Pultec Pro EQ
UAD Fairchild 670 Compressor
UAD RealVerb Pro
UAD Pultec EQP1A
UAD 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ
UAD Precision Mix Rack Collection
UAD CS-1 Channel Strip


Ampex 601 Tube Preamp (Vintage 1950s)
Alesis Midiverb II
BBE 822A Sonic Maximizer
Joe Meek VC6Q British Channel Strip
DBX 166XL Compressor Limiter/Gate
Digitech RDS 7.6 Digital Delay Sampler (Original Vintage)
Digitech DSP 128 Signal Processor (Original Vintage)
Digitech DSP 256 Multi-Effects Processor
Digitech ISP 33 Smart Shift Intelligent Pitch Shifter
Lexicon MX200
Symetrix 501 Peak-RMS Compressor/Limiter (Stereo Pair)
Symetrix CL-150 Fast RMS Compressor/Limiter
MOTU Midi Timepiece AV
Orban 674a Vintage Stereo Parametric EQ
Lamb Laboratories PML 420 4-Channel Mixer (Vintage)
REALISTIC SA-1000 Vintage Amplifier


Absynth 5
AIR Mixing Suite (Includes 20+ Mixing Plugins)
Antares Autotune 7
Antares Autotune 8
Battery 4
Bark Of The Dog
Black Op Distortion
Black Shiny Wah
Black Spring
Blue Cat Mixing Suite (Includes 6 Mono/Stereo FX)
Celemony Melodyne
EastWest Composers Cloud (Full Production Suite)
EastWest PLAY
FAW Circle
Green JRC Overdrive
Guitar Rig 5
iZotope DDLY
iZotope Insight
iZotope Meter Tap
iZotope Ozone 7
iZotope RX 5 Audio Repair Suite
KVR Synthmaster 2.0
Melda Productions Mixing Bundle (Includes 25+ Mixing Plug-Ins)
McDSP Plug-Ins
M-Tron Mellotron
Modartt Pianoteq 5 Stage
Native Instruments Komplete 10
Native Instruments Kontakt 5
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Native Instruments Solid Bus Compressor
Native Instruments Solid Dynamics
Native Instruments Solid EQ
Native Instruments Supercharger
Native Instruments Transient Master
Ohm Force Ohmboyz
Ohm Force Ohmicide
Orange Phaser
Propellerhead Reason
Reflektor Convolution Reverb
Rob Papen SubBoomBass
Softube Saturation Knob
Sonnox Oxford Elite Plug-In Bundle
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Space Reverb
Studio Reverb
Tape Echo
TDR Kotelnikov Compressor
TDR Nova Multiband Compressor & EQ
Tri-Knob Fuzz
Universal Audio Real-time Analog Classics Plug-In Bundle
Vibe Phaser
VocAlign Project
Waves Reel ADT
Width Knob
White Boost
Standard ProTools Synths and Plugins
CSR Reverb Suite


Ampeg 4x12 Bass Cab w/dbx 166xl Compressor/Expander
Vox AC4TVH Head
Vox V112TV Cabinet
Peavey Basic 112 Bass Amplifier Peavey MP5 Plus Powered Mixer
Acoustic B200
Crate GX-15
Crate MX120R
Egnater Tweaker 40


EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander
Solo Dallas Storm Compressor
Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Strymon Big Sky Reverb
Electro Harmonix Soul Food JHS Mod FridgeBuzzz Land of the Rising Fuzz
Dunlop CryBaby 95Q Wah
Electro Harmonix Small Clone EH 4600 Full-Chorus


Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
Fender Strat
Pearl Studio Drum Kit
DW Snare
Zildjian Cymbals
Sequential Circuits Prophet-6
Moog Little Phatty Stage II
Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Hagstrom Viking Deluxe
Epiphone Les Paul Studio Special II
Korg Monologue
Korg DS-8 Fm Keyboard Synthesizer
Korg Little Bits Modular Synth Kit
Yamaha P-95 88-Key Hammer Action Controller and Digital Piano CME UF60 61-key Semi-Weighted MIDI Controller
Carlo Robelli 4/4 Cello
Alvarez Acoustic Guitar
Alto Saxophone
Bflat Trumpet
Alto Recorder
Pan Flute
Classic Guiro


Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable
Apple iPad 2
Ableton Push Controller
Sanyo Dolby System Stereo Cassette Deck
Wollensack Reel to Reel Stereo Tape Magnetic Recorder Model T-1515
Behringer 502 Mixer Headphone Amps (2)
ART HeadAmp 4 Headphone Amp
Lepai Stereo Class-T Speaker Amp
Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Patchbay (2)
Samson S-Patch Plus Patchbay

Podcast Clients

Life Is Short with Justin Long
Kevin Bacon
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Jeff Garlin
Jameela Jamil
Bill Burr
Tim Robbins
Anna Chlumsky
Jim Gaffigan
ID1OT with Chris Hardwich
Jim Gaffigan
Nikki Glaser
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
Michell Kwan
Melinda Gates
The One Way Ticket Show with Steven Shalowitz
Tim Gunn
Mo Rocca
Charles Osgood
Richard Quest
Dick Cavett
Elie Honig
Ian Bremmer
Tip Not Included with Eric Levine
JNF's IsraelCast
Collin Bean
Jessica Lipps
Michio Kaku
Leslie Odom Jr.
Bassem Youssef
Stuck Podcast
The Truth Podcast
Chris Hardwick
One Plus One
Next Big Idea with Rufus Griscom
Faith Sallie
The Kevin Rose Show
Maisie Williams
Gettys Group
Venus Williams
888 Barbara with Barbara Corcoran
The Arm And A Leg Show
Growth Stage with Bert Baggio
Hodinkee Radio
Knowable Podcast
REI Podcast

Commercial Clients

Spring Studio
Jed Root
The Bloc
Potion Design
Code and Theory
Player's Tribune
Reprise Digital
The Wynn Network
Post Millenium
Artists + Company
Art Partner
Fresh Tape Media
Hamilton Media
Eyefull Media
Offsite Media
Vidanta Hotels Mexico
The Shed
NYU Langone Children's Hospital
Northwestern University
Children's Cancer Hospital at OSU
Burger King
Tom Ford
Michael Kors
Donna Karan
Globe and Mail
The Shed NYC

Music Clients

Adam Barta
Adam Overett
Alexis Michelle
Alicia Madison
Amy Justman
Andre Miranda
Artists and Company
Audra McDonald
Bear's Den
Bedford + Bowery
Benjamin Hey!
Beth Leavel
Bianca Del Rio
Big Hearted Robot
Billy Stritch
Bobbie Lee Crow
Born Young Productions
Brehm Lab
Burger King
Cullen Metcalf-Kelly
Buy The Sky
Call Her Drea
Casey Erin Clark
Cheyenne Jackson
Circadian Clocks
Code and Theory
Comments and Concerns
Chris Sieber
Christopher Watson
Dazz Letellier
Dana Countryman
Da Youngfellaz
Deadeye Swagger
Derek Nicoletto
Dr. Miami
Dwayne Milan
Eclection Media
Ed Goldfarb
Edo Castro
Erika Nova
First Class Music Group
Frozen Panda
Gabrielle Fink
Ginn Doll
Harry Kelley
Heartbreak Renaissance
Heidi Merrill
Hello Again
Illi Citizen
Israela Margalit
Jackie Jaxster
Janet Onyenucheya
Janice Martin
Jason Michael Snow
Jeff Vernick (How Much)
Jenna Ushkowitz
Joe Kinosian
Joey Diamond
John Littig (Jadex)
Charles Joseph Blunt
Josh LaCount
Josh Sultan
Jukebox The Ghost
Kasha Davis
Kassa Overall
Katie Rubino
Kellen Blair
Kooman & Dimond
Latrice Royale
Levendorf Drew
Leigh Rivenbark
Little Bits
Liz Callaway
Lonna Marie
Marina Star
Martha Plimpton
Matthew Aidekman
Meg (Making the Band)
Michael Barimo
Michael Kors
Michael Patrick Lane
Mike Mains and the Branches
Mimi Imfurst
Mona El-Naggar
My Music Taste
Natalie Charle Ellis
New Politicians
New Rich Entertainment Inc.
Nice Shoes
Nicholas Calhoun
Nightlife Productions
Not Your Queens English
Oran Eldor
Pablo Mengin
Pandora Boxx
Park Avenue Synagogue
Pasha Newmer (Gogol Bordello)
Peter Fish
Phi Phi O'Hara
Post Millennium
Potion Design
Random Encounter
Roman Hurko
Rumer Willis
Sara Nicholson
Sean Gill
Shannon Parris
Sherry Vine
Shiree Kidron
Smallville Hotel Beirut
Sound Lounge
Speak Productions
Spring Studios
Street Roxx
Tally Sessions
Tash Anderson
Terk Lewis
The Cement Bloc
The One Way Ticket Show
The Orion Experience
The Sidekicks
The Wild Honey Pie
Thomas Denueville
Timorris Lane
Tony LePage (Rock of Ages)
Turnstyle Music Group
Trezure Empire
T.R. Knight
Tyler Blackburn
Willy Breed
WrongBrain Films
Yoed Nir
Yuko Yamamura
Zilong Pu


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